Luv-able and Hug-able ベビベビニッキ
Luv-able and Hug-able  

今年もまたLuv-able & Hug-ableに参加させていただくことになりました!

Luv-able and Hug-able
2009年のテーマは ミディアム&ミニ!

2009年12月3日(木) ー 2010年1月9日 (土)
オープニングパーティー:2009年12月3日(木)、午後6時ー9時 RSVP:info@galleryhanahou.com

場所:gallery hanahou / 611 Broadway, Suite 730 New York, NY 10012

ニューヨークで大人気のホリデーショー、Luv-able & Hug-ableが3年目を迎えます!世界中から厳選された個性的なぬいぐるみを集めた展示会をまたギャラリー・ハナホウで開催致します。かわいいぬいぐるみ、不思議なぬいぐるみ、面白いぬいぐるみ、盛り沢山集まります!

今年は“Medium and Mini!”をテーマにして、お財布にも優しい、心地よく抱けるサイズ(ミディアム)のぬいぐるみと、ピンバッジやキーチェインとしても持ち歩きやすいサイズ(ミニ)が出品されます。

毎年おなじみの人気アーティストと今年初め参加するアーティストを含め、52人のアーティストのオリジナルの作品を展示販売します。また、アメリカではなかなか見られない日本人の人気アーティストも展示されます。特に今年注目の初参加の日本人アーティストは、トーフ親子で世界的に大人気のDevil Robotsやコエダリアンや数々のヒット作品を生み出すキャラクターデザイナーのタケヤマノリヤなど!




Luv-able and Hug-able
New 2009 theme: medium and mini!

December 3 - January 9
Opening party: Dec 3, 6-9 pm RSVP info@galleryhanahou.com

gallery hanahou / 611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC / galleryhanahou.com
extended holiday hours Mon-Sat: 12 - 6 pm

The popular NY holiday plush show is returning to gallery hanahou with oodles of handmade plushes for you and yours! Spread warm holiday cheer with adorable, strange, and funny unique plush toys made by more than 50 top plush artists from around the world.

The plushes will be even cuter and more affordable at this year's 3rd annual "Luv-able and Hug-able," with the special theme of "Medium and Mini!": toys that are either just the right size for hugging or small enough to fit in your pocket, swing from a keychain, or be worn on a pin.

Participating artists include returning favorites Christina Gordon of Jam Fancy, Anna Chambers, Robyn Fabsits, and Heidi Kenney, plus a bunch of hug-able new artists, among them APAK!, Elisabeth Doherty of Gourmet Amigurumi, and Sandra Monat of herzensart. As in previous years, gallery hanahou will also exhibit plushes by Japanese artists whose original works are rarely available in the US - this year, that also includes designer toy giants Devil Robots and noriya takeyama!

Plushes will be available for immediate take-home, so come early to the December 3rd opening to nab your favorites! Items in the show will also be available online via galleryhanahou.com starting the week following the opening.

For more information and images: press@cwc-i.com

Returning Artists:
Anna Chambers
Anna Hrachovec
Betz White
Blythe Church
Christina Gordon, Jam Fancy
Corinne Dean
Flying Star Toys by Florence Forrest
Heide Murray
Heidi Kenney
Helle Jorgensen
Hello, Brute
I Heart Guts
Jenny Harada
Kate Savage of girlsavage
Katie Park
Kup Kup Land by Joaquima Casas Bo
Lexi Knott, Orangefishy Plush
littleoddforest by Lynda Lye
Michiru (Babydow)
Ossu! Shugeibu
Risa Tanikawa
Robyn Fabsits
Saki Yamashita
Sayaka Imai
Yuriko Sera
Yuko Hara

New Artists:
Beetlegirl Design
Denise Ferguson of Yummy Pancake
Devil Robots
Diane Koss - Cutesy but not Cutesy
Eerika Valkonen
Elisabeth Doherty
Hiné Mizushima
Jen & Brian Gubicza (Zooguu)
Keighty Crochet
Kit Lane
Lisa Bunting Thoms, q.D.paToOtieS
Marcy Jung Bridges
Melissa Sue Stanley
Lili Ong & Michael Bartalos
noriya takeyama
Plush Goodness
Pock-it Palz
Robot a Day
Sanda Monat of herzensart
Sara White (a little sprout)
Scrumptious Delight